Baby alien found in Mexico

Facebook Scam: Aliens and Crocodiles on Facebook

Internet fraudsters are once again trying to distribute a malicious app through Facebook with the help of publications that show some interest-driven videos (Facebook Scam). Experts have identified a scam that promises a video from an alien baby found by a farmer in Mexico as well as a video showing a man being devoured by a crocodile.
Baby alien found in Mexico

fake facebook appWhen users try to open the video, they are asked to install an app Facebook called uTube Trending Videos, as reported by The application requests access to the victim's personal information.

It is worth noting that the video of the extraterrestrial baby and of the human being crocodile YouTube. However, scammers do not want to show videos. They simply use them as a bait to fool its members Facebook and install their application.

If you come across such posts, make sure you do not install the malicious applications. If you are already a victim, remove uTube Trending Videos from your Facebook profile. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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