Facebook SDK responsible for shutting down thousands of applications

The Facebook SDK seems to be responsible for a very big problem that exists in the iPhone, as the social network software causes thousands of applications to shut down.

More specifically, applications containing the built-in Facebook SDK can no longer be started.

The applications include some high profiles such as Tinder, Waze, Spotify, Deezer and others. All of these applications typically use Facebook software to allow users to log in to their accounts from the social network.

Facebook has already confirmed that it is investigating the problem, but for now, there does not seem to be a solution.

Applications stop working independently of the iPhone where they are installed. For example, they do not work on iPhone 7 but also on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This is the second time that the Facebook SDK has caused problems, as similar errors have occurred in early May. Then the social network released a fix quite quickly, but this time no one knows when the issue could be resolved.

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Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly and what is important to know is that you will probably not need any software updates. Facebook can fix it on its servers without asking users to install any updates.

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