Facebook sells the political beliefs of its members

The Facebook has begun to collect and categorize through the public posts of its users the image of their political beliefs. His findings will be given to ABC News and BuzzFeed to help cover the presidential election of 2016.Facebook

The company confirmed the collaboration with the two news companies in an e-mail message to Huffington Post on Friday. Under the project, Facebok will categorize status updates for politicians and policy makers in general from adult Facebok users in the US as positive, negative, or neutral. The data will guide reporting by ABC and BuzzFeed on the political beliefs of certain demographics. Our repeated data collection actions are already known practices of the most popular social network, but this particular action of collecting political data is the first time that it is happening.

A Facebok spokesman told HuffPost that the company would only collect information from its members 'public updates rather than private messages or responses to other users' posts. The company also stressed that the aggregate data it will deliver to the interested companies ABC and BuzzFeed will be anonymous.

These promises could be another fairy tale from Facebok: A recent survey showed that of the 4.000 Americans who took part 82,9% does not trust facebok with their personal data.

Politics is a new field for Facebok, and perhaps inevitable, since one a recent study by Pew found that 48% of Americans are reading political news on Facebook.

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