Facebook: In Spammers' hands the data leaked

Facebook Inc has concluded that spammers who want to make money are responsible for most data theft in the company, and a government-sponsored group.

Last week, Facebook he said that hackers managed to steal data from 29 million accounts using an automated program that was moved from one friend to the next.
Facebook as we have mentioned worked with the FBI to investigate the issue.Facebook

This breach leaves users affected much more vulnerable to targeted phishing attacks. Of course when we talk about targeted attacks we do not mean your computer, unless you work for a very large company, are a politician or generally hold a very large position.

Of course this does not mean that others should not give the necessary attention to the messages they receive, especially if they come from an unknown one. But with the attack on Facebook we can observe the phenomenon of malicious messages coming from acquaintances.

Facebook first revealed the violation in late September and said he had repaired the security gap soon, almost immediately after his discovery on September 25.

Facebook also reported that it was conducting an internal investigation into the incident and last week reduced the number of affected users from its initial estimate when the investigations that examined the activity went into accounts that might have been affected.


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