See the history of anyone's Facebook relationships

Facebook not only knows a lot about you, but it also allows others to know even if you do not want to, you may remember. The privacy settings of the social network are so complicated, but they do not seem to work.

Did you know that you can use a URL to view the entire relationship history of anyone you care about on Facebook? Facebook

(For those you are not friends with, only the interactions that are publicly available will be displayed, ie for everyone.)

This URL takes advantage of the address faceboο / us. In case you did not already know, this URL displays the entire Facebook history between you and the person you are in a relationship with. So with a quick tweak, you can customize this connection to two people.

Let's see how:

Go to the profile of the first person you want to see and note the name you see in the URL. Repeat the process for the second person you want to see.

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In the address bar of your browser, enter the following address:[όνομα-πρώτου-χρήστη]/[όνομα-δεύτερου-χρήστη]/

Replace Greek in the address with the names of the users you are interested in.
Press Enter.

You will see a page showing all the posts, events, photos and videos that the two people have tagged.

The tool is a bit creepy, as if you use it correctly there are not many secrets left on Facebook…

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