Facebook Stories, self-destructing messages & effects on the camera

Snapchat's Stories is such a popular feature that Instagram and Facebook Messenger have forced them to provide their users with similar services. Now, and Facebook seems to adopt a similar feature Stories, among others.

Facebook Stories will appear at the top of your News Feed and will consist of videos and photos you share with your friends. Facebook Stories will appear there for 24 hours, but not on your Timeline or News Feed unless you want to publish it there.

To add a story to Facebook Stories, simply click on the "Your Story" icon in the Stories bar that (will) appear at the top of your News Feed.

Bad Fails, Facebook Stories could upset some users as it will be the first thing you'll see at the top of your News Feed, whether you want it or not.

Facebook added a new feature called Direct. The tool will allow users to share individual pictures or videos with their friends, which can only be shown once.

The image or video will then be deleted. Needless to say, Facebook's Direct feature is similar to Snapchat's, since it essentially does the same thing and has about the same UI.

In addition, Facebook completely redesigned the camera and added many effects such as masks, frames and interactive effects. Facebook

Facebook also said it would add new creative effects to the camera in the coming months. New features have already begun to be released for Facebook users on Android and iOS, just weeks after updating their Messenger app with a similar feature.

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