Facebook TextStyleBrush AI for transferring images to text

Facebook researchers unveil new self-monitoring AI model, "TextStyleBrush" in the Newsroom. Using an image of a word, it can edit and replace the text by copying the font or visual style in which it was written.

The tool works both in handwritten text and in real words. This is something very impressive, because - as Facebook itself states - AI must understand "unlimited" text styles.

text style side by sides final jpg

You know that there are different types of calligraphy, but also many stylistic details that must be taken into account. What if someone writes in italics or curves? Or if the surface on which the text is located makes it difficult to read? What about background clutter or image noise?

Facebook explained that the TextStyleBrush model works similarly to the way styling tools work in word processors, but for text-to-image aesthetics:

It exceeds the last word of accuracy in both automated tests and user studies for any type of text. (…) We use a more holistic approach to education and disconnect the content of a text image from all aspects of its appearance throughout the word frame. The representation of the overall look can then be applied as a monochrome metaphor.

If you want a more technical of TextStyleBrush functions, you can read full article on Facebook AI blog.

The Google Translate mobile app has a function similar to Facebook's new AI app, as it replaces text, but aims to solve a different problem, translating text into a different language.

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