Facebook, Twitter & Google against piracy bans

A group, including Facebook and Twitter, told the Australian Senate Committees on Environment and Communications that the proposed amendments to block pirate domains "extend far beyond reason".

Facebook, Twitter & Google

The Australian government has created new legislation in October, and proposes extending law on the blocking of piracy websites by service providers and companies with online search engines.

The bill will also allow for faster engagement of mirror sites, and it will no longer be necessary for these sites to be hosted within Australia.

"Our members spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars developing technology solutions to combat any cybercrime, disorient search results, and develop better ways to process delete alerts," said Digital Industry Group Inc. DIGI), whose members include, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Yahoo, YouTube, Redbubble and Oath.

The statement is available in PDF and filed in the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) for the 2018 Bill.

In accordance with DIGI and the companies that make up it, there are five major issues in the bill that do not need modifications, as the request for site exclusion was never dismissed by the court.

  • The amendments make the bill so wide that there is a risk of blocking legitimate websites as well.
  • The ban on internet search engines is "unprecedented and unnecessary."
  • The status of safe harbors should be widened by extending the new web-blocking system.
  • And that abolishing the supervision of a Federal Court is "extremely problematic"

Let's wait for the results of the struggle of major technology companies, although we do not expect the Hollywood industry to raise its hands.

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