Set default video quality on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest video hosting sites, approaching YouTube that undoubtedly holds the first place.

One of the reasons why Facebook has not yet surpassed YouTube is because funding for content creators is lower than YouTube.Facebook videos

It is known that all Facebok users can upload and watch videos on the site. Availability depends largely on a user's circle of friends.

Videos that are played on Facebok are set by default to appear in SD quality. Below you will see how you can change the quality of HD video playback, provided the source is HD.

Of course, you can set HD resolution as a permanent solution. Alternatively, you can set the SD resolution as the only available option.

Note: This option is only available on Facebok's website, not Facebok Lite or Facebok mobile applications.

The easiest way to set the quality of the video on Facebok is from the following address:

Open the URL in the browser of your choice, and if you're already connected to Facebok, you'll be taken directly to the video settings. If not, you will be prompted to log in first.
Click the button next to "Default video quality" and select "SD only" if you want low quality video playback or "HD if available" if you want high definition video (whenever available).facabook video

Note: Note that the HD option uses - requires more bandwidth to play video on Facebook, while the SD option uses less data reducing performance. If you are using an old computer, you may notice slowdowns or other issues while playing HD video.



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