Facebook: how to download private videos

How to get public videos from Facebook is pretty easy, as there are so many tools that can be downloaded for any video you see on the platform.

But what about private videos on Facebook? Have you ever tried to use a download manager to download a private video from Facebook? If so you will know that nothing works.FacebookHowever, there is a way to download private videos from Facebook. Let's see how.

You should use a tool called FBDown.net. The web application has been released for a few years now.

Follow the steps below to download the video you want:

Open the address fbdown.net/private-downloader.php in your browser
In a new tab, sign in to Facebook and open the page that contains the private video you want to capture.
If you are using Windows, press Ctrl + U, Mac, Command + Option + U. These shortcuts will show you the source code of the Facebook page.

Of course you can see the source code and right click on the web page you are interested in and select View Page Source as in the following picture:

Copy and paste the source code that will appear to you on a new page in the box on the FBDown net site.
And click Download.

Alternatively, if you use the Chrome web browser, you can use the web app extension, available through Chrome Web Store.

Caution: Don't forget to use this tool wisely and ethically… There is probably a good reason for the video to be private. You should not distribute private material of another person or company in public places without his explicit permission.

In the case of artists, musicians and other professionals, this action could cause you a serious problem with the law.

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