Facebook: new strategy to stop the clickbait

Facebook wants to stop the clickbait. After a move to limit the spread of such articles, Facebook now wants to go one step further.

Last year, Facebook announced it would try to limit the spread of clickbait publications, up to the exclusion of publishers using this tactic to trick members of the social network by winning clicks. Today, the company said it would start targeting clickbait on a single level rather than analyzing bulk publications of a page.Clickbait

In particular, Facebook will begin to check if a title holds information or exaggerates.

"People tell us they don't like stories that are misleading, shocking or spammy," said Facebook technician Arun Babu and Jordan Zhang in a post.

This includes clickbait headings designed to grab attention and attract visitors to click on a link. In an effort to support the community, we are working on how we can determine which stories might have clickbait titles so that we can display them less often. ”

In addition, Facebook also intends to do more to combat this kind of articles in other languages, and not only in English.

According to company developers, Facebook will review titles trying to crawl clickbait. It will analyze everything separately, and if the title exaggerates the details of a story or hides information, the article will be limited.

The new decision is in line with the policy change of the company, which, as it seems, has been trying to clean up the social network from clickbait articles and fake news in recent months.

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