Facebook Watch is now accessible in Greece

Facebook Watch, a US-only service, is accessible worldwide. In Greece it had appeared on mobile since yesterday.

With an announcement, Facebook says it is releasing Facebook Watch and making it available globally. The particular service that was accessible for one year only to from the USA, it was not particularly well received. Most Americans, according to polls, don't even know it exists.

In any case, the Facebook service hopes to occupy a place in the list of video viewing websites, which is currently held by YouTube as the first place. The service is only available on the mobile app Android and iOS. Don't look for her on web application.

According the Facebook Watch maker is a place to discover new videos, a way to reach the creators and publishers you love, a home for your saved videos. The company is expanding the Ad Breaks program so more partners can make money from their videos.

To obtain σε iOS και Android, αναζητήστε το εικονίδιο Watch στη shortcuts or the “More” bookmark. You can also find it on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and Oculus TV.

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