Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are down

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are off, at least since 14: 00 time in Greece and as of the time we are writing this article they have not come back.


Mark Zuckerberg's company faces yet another technical difficulty. Facebook, along with its WhatsApp and Instagram platforms it has acquired, has been shut down for at least a half hour now. According to user complaints on Twitter, these services seem to be having a tough time in Asia, Europe and America.

According to Downdetector's page, Mark Zuckerberg's services face problems from 11: 38 (Greenwich Mean Time) today.

Twitter users complain about issues ranging from the impossibility to send images, to connection difficulty, and no connectivity. We confirm the complete connection failure for at least one and a half hours now.

This is not the first time that Facebook and its other services have encountered a similar issue. It had been happening a month ago. There are currently no official announcements from Facebook yet.

UPDATE: Returned at 16:00, after a break of at least 2 hours.

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