Will we see a paid Facebook in Europe?


One of Facebook's primary goals is to keep using its site for free. However, recent disputes between Facebook and European legislators on the issue of privacy can cause the popular social network to charge its European users to give them access.

The essence of the problem lies in Facebook's lack of consensus to offer its users targeted ads.

What does this mean;

Facebook collects data which it stores with every click made by its users. He uses all this volume of information by analyzing it. The analysis shows what each of us is interested in, so Facebook knows what ads it will "serve" to each of its one billion users.

Many European privacy groups are uncomfortable with Facebook's vast data treasures, and there is a growing tendency to change Facebook's data protection laws. However, if this happens, Facebook's advertising revenue will drop dramatically, forcing them to ask their users to pay to access the free social service so far.

"If they are not able to use our data in a profitable or useful way for advertising purposes, then either the user will have to pay or stop using the service altogether," said Eduardo Ustaran, head of the law team. of Fisher Warehouse, a technology European law firm.

Facebook has previously officially stated that the use of the site will always be free of charge, although the site has never faced a threat, potentially serious for the revenue from its ads. The formula that will allow Europeans to maintain free access to the largest social network has not yet been found and perhaps in the face of rigid European legislation the only way is to make Facebook more flexible. Maybe..

A two-user on a web page is really a treasure of information and facebook will not easily give up on the right to manage their data.

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