Facebook withdraws its applications from Windows Phone on April 30

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram applications are downloaded from Windows Phone phones on 30 April.

Facebook commends its family of Windows Phone applications, including Messenger, Instagram and the original Facebook app. In fact, Facebook will end its support for its Windows Mobile applications from 30 April. Windows Phone users, if they want to have support and updates, will have to access Facebook or Instagram through their phone's browser.

The upcoming withdrawal was first observed this weekend at Instagram. Windows Phone users they told Reddit that they received a notice telling them that Instagram would withdraw its application on 30 April. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are among the top free apps in the Microsoft Store, but it's not clear how many active users will be affected.

Also, the withdrawal of Facebook should not surprise Windows Phone users as they hold onto a device at the end of it. Microsoft has already announced that it is withdrawing its interest in mobile phones.

Of course, there are still a few Windows Phone users who stay attached to their increasingly inactive devices. These users, who are still using Windows Phone, 2019, do so for many different reasons: some prefer the camera to their device, others misbehave the exact Apple and others with Google's privacy stories. And some may just not want to learn how to handle a new device, with other software, different from what they know.

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