We've been invited to Facebook Workplace

Today we received an invitation from Facebook Workplace. The "new" Facebook service was announced in October 2016, but apparently the company has just started distributing invitations.

Facebook Workplace enables all eligible qualifiers to create a corporate account, separate from their personal Facebook account, since, with a different name, you can also use a different password. Facebook Workplace

With this account, you can use all Facebook tools: News Feed, Reactions, Chat, Share, Like, etc. to communicate and collaborate better with your colleagues. Everything that is shared through Facebook Workplace is visible only to other people in the same company who stand out from corporate email.

Facebook Workplace is reportedly created to claim a market share of the popular Slack platform.

Unfortunately, Workplace is not available for free (currently at least), as is the case with Facebook's individual accounts. For companies wishing to adopt the new platform, a monthly charge is foreseen.

More specifically, the Facebook Workplace prices are as follows:


Workplace Premium is free for nonprofit organizations and Education Institutions. Later, as you can see in the picture below, a Standard version of the application will be released, rather with limited features that will be free of charge.

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