Facebook worm: caution circulates PoC

PoC for Facebook Worm: A Polish security researcher today published a PoC that could be used to create a fully functional Facebook worm.

The code exploits a security gap on the Facebook platform. The investigator using the Lasq alias discovered the vulnerability when he noticed that spammers used it on Facebook.Facebook

The vulnerability is in the mobile application version. The computer version is unaffected.

Lasq reports that vulnerability allows clickjacking and that an attacker can exploit it through iframes.

Lasq explains:

Yesterday I noticed a very annoying SPAM campaign on Facebook, where many of my friends posted a link to a site hosted on an AWS bucket. There was also a link to a French site with funny comic books.

Once you clicked on the link, the page hosted on the AWS bucket was displayed, asking you to verify that you are 16 years old or older (in French) to access the content. Once you clicked the button, your page was promoted to a funny comic (and many ads) page. However, in the meantime the same link you just pressed automatically posted on your Facebook wall.

The researcher followed the issue and noticed that he was completely unaware of the security header "X-Frame-Options." This header is used by websites to prevent page code from loading through iframes and is a primary protection against clickjacking attacks.

Lasq said he announced the problem on Facebook, but the company refused to correct it. So he decided to publish the PoC.

Lasq's code does not include the part of clickjacking, which publishes content on the walls of the victims, but if you are interested and want to find it there is on the internet with a simple search. Lasq's code only allows an attacker to load and run unauthorized code on a Facebook user account.


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