Artificial intelligence creates people's faces

NVIDIA's website uses artificial intelligence to create infinitely realistically false faces that do not exist, nor have ever been.


Based on work by NVIDIA, that we presented to you recently, developer Phillip Wang created the site ThisPersonDoesNotExist, which uses artificial intelligence to create a seemingly infinite variety of fake but completely realistic faces. To see a new person just refresh their website.

The responsible tool that creates these people uses a technology designed by NVIDIA to create faces using a large catalog of photos as standard material.

Some of the results are incomplete, but most of these people are very realistic, so you doubt that these people are fantastic. The technical intelligence responsible for all this does not require much computing power. Wang said he uses an NVIDIA GPU on a rental server to create a random face every two seconds. This is not a technological breakthrough, but an attempt to raise awareness of AI's ability to manipulate images.

This system is not limited to individuals. NVIDIA technology can already handle cars, cats and bedrooms.

It's a simple task, but it shows the potential benefits and pitfalls of technology. You could use it to create believable characters for a story, but you could also use it for scams based on fake IDs and testimonials. Ideally, a site like this promotes discussion about the ethics of manipulating technical intelligence before it goes too far.



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