Facial Recognition 5 + 1 face search engines

Face : A person is not as unique as a fingerprint, but it can be recorded. Of course, it can be recorded and can be searched.

Face recognition, combined with data from millions of surveillance cameras or online profiles, is a very powerful tool for finding people and tracking their every move.

Below we will see five face search engines that will probably surprise you. Let's see what they reveal about you or your friends.

Facial Recognition

Google image search: Reverse face search

You know you can search Google with . Αντί για μια λέξη-, μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε μια εικόνα για να αναζητήσετε παρόμοιες εικόνες.

Click on κάμερας και προσθέστε μια εικόνα από τον υπολογιστή σας, ή αντιγράψτε και επικολλήστε τη διεύθυνση URL μιας εικόνας και η Google θα σας εμφανίσει παρόμοιες εικόνες.

But this is known. Let's see how you can search for people on Google by adding a few letters to the URL.

In Google Image Search, enter the image you want to search for and press Enter. Then add the text & imgtype = face at the end of the URL or just before any other text beginning with &. This will greatly improve the search results.

PicTriev: Face recognition

Η PicTriev πηγαίνει ένα βήμα πιο παραπέρα ​​στην αναζήτηση και αναγνώριση προσώπων (Facial Recognition). Δυστυχώς, το limited to celebrities.

Add the URL or upload a photo in JPG or JPEG format, no larger than 200 KB, and the search engine will return similar celebrity images.

TinEye: Reverse image search

The TinEye search engine also works for individuals. TinEye Reverse Image Search works almost like Google's service. You can upload an image or paste a URL to search for it.

pimeyes: Face search

Παρόμοια με την Google, είναι και η PimEyes που χρησιμοποιεί εικόνες και την τεχνολογία Facial Recognition (αναγνώρισης προσώπου) για να αναζητήσει παρόμοια πρόσωπα σε πάνω από 10 εκατομμύρια .

Betaface: Face recognition display

Betaface offers a face recognition search similar to PicTriev's service. You can upload an image or enter the URL of the image and the face search engine will isolate all the faces it can find in the photo.

You can then search for celebrities or search Wikipedia for any people recognized by the service.

Check Please!

Face recognition tools are fun, but they can also be very useful. They can help authorities identify security camera suspects, or they can help professional photographers or the media highlight their visuals. In addition, face recognition may soon replace passwords.

Of course, there is a dark side as with any tool . Facebook uses face recognition search to identify people in photos (unless you turn off the feature). As for the data that Facebook collects, no one knows where they are going. And obviously, Facebook's face search engine is better than the FBI's identification tool.


Because it has many more users, and even volunteers! You can not always hide your face.

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