Beginning 2019 is FairBnB as an alternative to Airbnb

Beginning in January of 2019, FairBnB is a more ethical alternative to Airbnb. The platform will work for top, in 4 foreign cities.


Airbnb started 10 years ago and during all this time had a brilliant career. Based on the simple idea of ​​helping people rent their homes to tourists, the company has an annual revenue of $ 2 billion and its services are available in almost every country in the world.

But Airbnb's huge popularity and profits also come with a lot of problems. Many cities cite Airbnb as one of the most important factors in increasing rents, homelessness, fiscal consolidation and other devastating effects on tourism. This is why Sito Veracruz and his associates decided to start FairBnB, believing that they could offer a better and fairer alternative.

The first rentals through FairBnB will take place in January 2019 in four cities. In Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bologna and Venice. According to FairBnB website there is already the relevant core in Athens, consisting of three collectives, but it is still unknown when you will be able to register your homes on the new platform.

According to FairBnB, the new platform is being touted as a more ethical and alternative to Airbnb, with three key differences. Firstly the transparency and legitimacy, secondly that 50% of the commission will be used to finance projects of the local community and thirdly that it is a cooperative, ie the platform belongs to a group of people who want to grow in number and not in one and only businessman.

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