Fake Call : Get out of difficult situations by using a fake call

If you find yourself stuck in a boring business meeting, you can use Fake Call to pretend you're taking an urgent call and discreetly walk away.

fake call

And it's not just the business boring meeting. With Fake Call you can make a cute joke to your friends that you have a call from a famous actor or anyone else you want.

Fake Call is an application for Android mobile phones, developed to help you in exactly these situations. It allows you to schedule a fake call on your phone, which can happen immediately or up to 30 minutes later.

In the fake call you can add ringtone, vibration and call time to make it look more realistic. You can set a custom contact name and number that will appear on your screen during the call.

Various ready-made themes for screens are available, based on Android devices and versions. But you can create your own custom theme. Fake Caller ID will not charge you at all, and the app is completely free. But like all free apps, it contains ads.

You can download Fake call from Google Play, from here.

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