Attention: False emails from the Police

Fake emails from the Police ?! From the Address Electronic Crime of the Hellenic Police, a regular procedure case file is formed, in the context of the investigation of a case of sending misleading e-mails, with the alleged sender being the Hellenic Police Headquarters.

In particular, according to complaints, unknown perpetrators sent e-mails to internet users with the following address:

These messages contain text (obviously an automated translation - of poor quality - from English), which informs the recipient of an alleged breach of e-banking services.

The sender of the messages "signs" as "Hellenic Police Headquarters", with postal address and contact telephone number corresponding to the Police Service, while the fax number shown belongs to a private company.

See a sample of emails:


In this context, the Electronic Crime Investigation Directorate informs citizens:

  • be especially careful in the event that they detect the existence of such posts on social networks or receive emails, to avoid possible financial fraud
  • not respond to such posts on social networks and do not respond to emails requesting personal data or financial information.


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