Caution! Fake WhatsApp in Windows Store

The Microsoft Windows Store has hopefully made 190.000 available applications. Of course this does not mean that all applications are legal or functional.
For example, a clone application of the known service WhatsApp is available at Windows Store at the price of 3.99 dollars.whatsapp

At first glance, you may be tempted to buy it, especially if you believe it's the famous WhatsApp app that was released for Windows 8. But if you look better and read the description more closely and see the screenshots, it looks like the application is not the authentic one.

The description says:

“WhatsApp Msg is the best application that provides you many heart touching messages. You can share your feelings, emotions with these messages to your partner, friends and family. ”

The "smart" developer has his email as a support link (venkatreddy572 [at] and uses screenshots showing the famous WhatsApp logo.

Microsoft, of course, has long promised that such applications will not allow a "career" in the Windows Store, so we expect the application to disappear in the near future.

However, what makes us wonder and is very difficult to understand is why to approve such applications the company? Does it fill the shop?

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