Prank: Hair on screen

Who doesn't hate seeing a hair or a speck of dust on of; Annoy your victim by putting a fake hair on their browser screen.

hair on screen 1

By Hair on Screen extension, you can add a digital hair to your friend's computer screen. No matter how hard he tries to remove it, he won't succeed, because it simply doesn't exist.

This is an extension that can be installed on based on Chromium, such as Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, etc.

You can install it in the victim's browser and don't pin in the url bar, so they don't know what you've done.

Plus you can set it to show as many hairs as you want, from one to as many as you want!

hair on screen

The bristles are light enough to look natural. They stay fixed on the screen while you do give or take. This extension works best on pages with a white background. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Dimitris

Dimitris hates on Mondays .....

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