The FBI (Internet Crime Complaint) warns: Beware of the FBI

Some scammers are reportedly trying to emulate the FBI to release malicious software, but also to make their messages more credible.FBI

The federal Internet Crime Complaint (IC3) issued a warning on Wednesday because it found many complaints from people who received emails claiming to be from IC3.

Each message states that the recipient owes various amounts of money as compensation for cyber attacks or scams and asks them to complete an attached document with their personal information.

Yes you guessed it, this file contains malware.

The email claims that a Nigerian man was arrested by the FBI in Atlanta, USA. and that the recipient's email address was found on the scammer's computer. The message requires the recipient to complete an attached document with their contact information and return it to the "service."

"At least three other versions of the same scam used by IC3 have been identified," the FBI warns. "Since July 2017, IC3 has received many complaints about the same fraud."

There are currently two other versions of such emails in circulation. The former claims to be from the FBI's IC3 office in Houston, Texas and informs the recipient that he owes $ 10,5 million in damages for his involvement in a bank fraud.

The third variant has a more threatening tone, stating that the recipient's IP address has been monitored since September 2017 for cybercrime. Thus the message requires the recipient to fill in the attached form and return it.

So far, the FBI says no one appears to have been financially affected by the scams. Federalists are reportedly looking for the scammers, and arrests are likely to be expected.

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