FBI: 5 arrests for JP Morgan hack

Five people were indicted by a federal court in New York on Tuesday in the case of the cyber-attack on JP Morgan Chase & Co. last October, which resulted in the exposure of about 83 million bank accounts, according to the Wall Street Journal.JP Morgan

JP Morgan officials have argued since last year that the Russian government was behind the attack, but the FBI's arrests have shown something else. But as it does, the attack has been recorded as one of the biggest US bank breaches in history.

Three of the people were arrested for charges of stock price manipulation, while the other two for the operation of an unlicensed Bitcoin exchange. Both categories do not seem to be directly related to last year's assault, but US officials confirm that there is a relationship.

Defendants were identified after an FBI investigation that found evidence that linked them to JP Morgan's hack, as well as similar incidents that occurred at Fidelity Investments Ltd. and E * Trade Financial Corp.

Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein were arrested in Israel on Tuesday, while Joshua Samuel Aaron, a US citizen living in Russia, remains inconceivable.

Yuri Lebedev and Anthony Murgio were arrested in Florida on the same day because they were administrators of a Bitcoin exchange called



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