The FBI advises installing an ad blocker

The FBI advises users to install ad blockers in their browsers to protect themselves from fraudulent ads.

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Ad blocking is perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of web browsing today. Users agree that it slows down web page load times, but they also deny ad revenue to many sites that need it (like iGuru).

Nevertheless the FBI in a public announcement this week, admits that ad blocking also mitigates some of the security risks involved in online advertising. It advises consumers to watch out for scammers impersonating advertisements. As a solution to the problem, he suggests using an ad blocker so that the fraudulent ads are not displayed, along with the real ones of course.

The FBI warns that some scammers buy Google to promote their ads impersonating real businesses or brands. They then use common tricks, such as impersonating financial services to steal user information or popular software to trick users into downloading their own malware.

It advises that users should only search for trusted websites. You should always make sure that what you have in front of you is the authentic website of a product.

Despite the controversy surrounding ad blockers, the FBI admits they are an effective solution to avoiding malicious ads. It also lists other good precautions, such as checking an ad's URL to make sure it points to the brand's actual website, or entering the company's URL directly if you know it. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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