The FBI arrested the DarkWeb hacker who hacked their emails

The FBI has arrested Connor Brian Fitzpatrick, aka “Pompompurin”, who ran the notorious DarkWeb hacking site “BreachForums” and claimed responsibility for the 2021 hack of the service's emails.

BreachForums, FBI, email, Pompompurin

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick was arrested at his home on Wednesday afternoon with the charge for fraud.

An FBI agent involved in the case testified that Fitzpatrick admitted at the time of his arrest that he was the owner of BreachForums and identified himself by the nickname "Pompompurin."

History of Pompompurin
Pompompurin created BreachForums after the FBI took over RaidForums, a similar hacking site that sold the information it illegally extracted.

The hacker is involved in a number of breaches, with many of them to target the FBI. In 2021, Pompompurin claimed responsibility for a hack that sent thousands of fake cybersecurity alerts from the FBI's email address.

It is also linked to the breach of Infragard, the FBI's information-sharing program aimed at raising awareness among government agencies about physical and digital threats.

In addition, Pompompurin is linked to the 2021 hack of Robinhood, which exposed the information of millions of its users, as well as the leak of Twitter users and email addresses that occurred in November 2022.

BreachForums is still up and running and in a recent post it says the site now has new ownership. The hacking forum has already been involved in recent cyber attacks, including the breach of DC Health Lin (a health care marketplace used by many US politicians and government personnel) and breach of the Australian company Optus Telecom.

Fitzpatrick was released Thursday on $300.000 bail and will appear in a Virginia court on March 24. according to Bloomberg. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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BreachForums, FBI, email, Pompompurin

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