Mozilla and 22 prosecutors against the FCC for free internet

FCC vs Internet: A group of 22 Prosecutors filed a lawsuit by asking a Washington Court of Appeals to reconsider the decision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to abolish the rules of internet neutrality.

The FCC voted against internet neutrality regulations that prevent ISPs from selectively slowing internet traffic, and allow its unlimited user to those who have the funds.

Despite almost all internet consumers and businesses supporting neutrality, FCC President Ajit Pai has managed to win a vote in December to abolish regulations.FCC

New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who heads the group that filed the lawsuit, said that it is illegal for the Federal Communications Commission to make "arbitrary and whimsical" policy changes such as network neutrality.

The prosecution lawsuit against the FCC and the federal government is asking the US Circuit Court of Appeals to revise the FCC's decision to prevent network neutrality.

"Removing network neutrality will turn ISPs into gatekeepers - allowing them to profit from consumers by controlling what they see, do and say online," said Schneiderman.

The Mozilla Foundation also filed a lawsuit Tuesday on the US Circuit Court of Appeals asking for a revision of the abolition imposed by the Federal Communications Commission.

"Mozilla is seeking a review of the order on the grounds that it is arbitrary and whimsical within the meaning of the Administrative Procedure Act," the lawsuit states.

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