Fedora 23 Distribute with amazing graphics

Fedora is one of the most popular GNU / Linux distributions. It is the result of the Fedora Project, a large community of volunteers, funded and generally supported by the famous Red Hat. This of course means, reliability… RedHat Fedora

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system and a set of basic tools for the GNU project. The Fedora is free for anyone. So anyone can use, modify and distribute it. It is developed by people around the world who work together as a community. The Fedora Project or Fedora Project is open and everyone is welcome to join.

Fedora releases a new version every 6 months and you can see the Fedora's life cycle in related wiki page of the project.

The simplest way to install is from the Live DVD that includes the Fedora installation app.

We installed the Fedora Workstation and found it just amazing. It's pretty easy to use and you can install it on laptops, desktops, or a Virtual Box to try it out. Along with the tools that every simple user needs, he also has tools for every kind of developer.

It is worth mentioning the graphics of the operating system that impressed us, as they are very well looked after with the GNOME 3 desktop environment. fedora

Read them releasenotes.

You can also find installation instructions on the official distribution page: Installation Guide.

You can download the latest version from the links below

WorkStation https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download

Server & Hosting https://getfedora.org/en/server/download

Cloud https://getfedora.org/en/cloud/download


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