Install and Alchemy in the new Fedora 24

From 21 June of 2016 released the new Fedora 24 I was thinking of installing it sometime in a virtual environment to try it out.

Last night at 12 o'clock I decided that I can not install such a distribution on . Why not use it as one of the distros I work with? I'm downloading it Fedora 24 spin of cinnamon (I'm using cinnamon because it's easy to change language on keyboard with Shift-Alt), I'm going through dd to a USB and I'm doing dual boot with Manjaro.

The grub command in Manjaro it is:

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

He had gone 1: 30 anymore.

I add the RPM Fusion repo from the terminal

rpm -vh

Let's see what kernel is in Fedora 24 and let's change the hostname:
(for permanent change hostname run and command: hostnamectl set-hostname iguru)

Fedora 24

Fedora 24
I make updates from Yum Extender by selecting all the applications I use (pinta, gimp, virtualbox, geany, gftp, vlc etc)


The update is also via the command

dnf update

but with Yum Extender I also installed all the applications I was interested in without writing commands.

After installing, I open all the new applications to create the .file folder of each application in the home. Until the updates are downloaded through the disks application, I have organized the discs of the computer so that I can see and edit them.

When the update finishes I will restart.

After restart I download and install Skype and Teamviewer

(Bonus Tip: To automatically start Teamviewer after the boot allow teamviewerd to run from SELinux
At the terminal type the following commands as root (su -)

ausearch -c 'teamviewerd' --raw audit2allow -M my-teamviewerd
semnatule -X 300 -i my-teamviewerd.pp


systemctl start teamviewerd.service

to start the service and stay on.

systemctl enable teamviewerd.service

We are ready for transformation ...

I want my Firefox automatically linked to my account, and synced. I want to start switching one by one the servers I have in gftp (remember passwords) and I want all the cinnamon settings ready without sitting down to deal with it. A! I also want Skype ready connected….

Asking too much;

I open / home / giorgos in Manjaro and copy paste to / home / giorgos of Fedora the following:

.gftp, .Skype, .cinnamon, .mozilla .face. These are the beginning.
You could also put some selected folders from .cache and .local / share but let's leave it.

That's it. I went to bed at 3.00. In the morning I would have one ready for work. Fedora 24 cinnamon

ΥΓ. Do not try to make the above copy paste from a system with Ubuntu ... The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

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