New 4.6.4 kernel for Fedora 24

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that shows what's newer in free software. Fedora is free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute it.fedora 24

It is developed by people all over the world who work together as a community, and used by people who like them working with the latest technology.

Most distributors are interested in Fedora upgrades. Each new version brings improvements and latest upgrades to free software. Kernel

The Fedora community provides a new version twice a year and many are upgrading to benefit from improvements and innovations.

For truth, although the 24 version was released about a month ago, today it updates the Kernel to the 4.6.4 version of the 4.6.3 version it was using.

It is one of the reasons I use Fedora and I do not change it with anything. (The second dual boot on the main computer I use is the Manjaro rollout because I do not have the time it takes Arch).

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