Fedora 29 final tomorrow the stable version?

Fedora 29: Fedora is one of the most popular GNU / Linux distributions. It is the result of the Fedora Project, a large community of volunteers funded by Red Hat.

It is based on the Linux kernel and uses the basic tools of the GNU project.

fedora 29The Fedora Linux project is the Red Hat open source. Fedora is essentially a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) testing distribution. So that you see today at Fedora you will see it tomorrow at RHEL.

According to the official Releases Schedule for the upcoming release the stable distribution of the next 29 will be released tomorrow. Do not get ready because the new version will be released on the scheduled schedule only if it has gone well.

As usual, distribution has been updated with minor bug fixes and package modifications. Fedora 29 will run with the Linux 4.19 kernel that has not yet been released. Updated programs include: Python 3.7, Perl 5.28. glibc 2,28, Golang 1,11, and MySQL 8.

Fedora Workstation comes with GNOME 3.30 as the default desktop. GNOME 3.30 is considered to be performing better than previous versions. It also features a new Podcasts app and automatically updates Flatpaks, Container Red Hat applications, from the Software Center.

The new one in this release is "modularity" for all versions of Fedora 29. With modularity, you can run multiple versions of the same program with contextual installation. So you can test beta applications in a container, and in what you use for your tasks to run stable versions.

We look forward to the stable release, and will be followed by a new posting soon.


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