Fedora 29 stable ISO has just been released

The great news from Red Hat did not stop developing Fedora 29. As we mentioned yesterday the distribution was released today with the stable version 29.

Fedora 29 as usual comes in three versions. These are Fedora Server, the Fedora Workstation for home and the Fedora Atomic Host, for Linux cloud users and containers.Fedora 29

All three versions come with common basic features. For example, all run with Kernel Linux 4.19.
So, as always, the new version of Fedora comes with the latest versions of pre-installed applications, bug fixes, and improvements to system performance and functionality (*). The basic package of Fedora 29 includes updated compilers and programming languages ​​such as Python 3.7, Perl 5.28. glibc 2,28, Gloang 1,11, and MySQL 8.

All versions of Fedora 29 bring a modular repository. This is an optional software repository that allows you to install additional software versions. This way you can maintain your operating system up-to-date while maintaining the version of an application you need even when changing the default version that is installed in the distribution. So you can keep the applications that you have tried, working, and do not want to upgrade them.

The latest version of Fedora includes GNOME 3.3.1 as the default desktop. The new version offers better performance using less system resources. This allows you to run more applications at the same time without any performance problems.

This release also brings a new Podcasts app and automatically updates Flatpaks, Red Hat's global distribution system.

All three editions of Fedora 29 are ready for download instantly.

Release Notes

(*) The asterisk refers to the fact that it improves functionality. Usually as in the last version 28, it took the first minor release for everything to work properly. But this is not a problem for the distribution, as the updates are immediate.


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