Fedora 33 Beta has just been released

The Fedora project team announced the availability of the Fedora 33 Beta. The new dev snapshot includes new features, such as using Btrfs as the default filesystem and GNOME 3.38 as the Workstation version desktop.

"All variants of the Fedora 33 Beta desktop - including Fedora Workstation, Fedora KDE and others - will use Btrfs as the default filesystem.
This is a big change: we use ext filesystems from Fedora Core 1. Btrfs offers some really exciting features for users, such as transparent compression and copy-on-write.
Fedora 33 will be available only in the basic features of Btrfs, but we will create a default feature set to include more in future releases. ”

More details can be found in the announcement of the new version.

Download the ISO you are interested in if you want to test the distribution:

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