Fedora 34 Beta has just been released with GNOME 40

His team Fedora announced the release of a new development snapshot of the distribution. The distribution Fedora 34 Beta comes with a number of major changes, such as GNOME 40, replacing PulseAudio with PipeWire and the default Btr file system that allows transparent compression.

“After that Fedora Linux 33 brought BTRFS as the default file system for desktop variations, the Fedora Linux 34 Beta allows transparent compression for more disk space.
This increases the lifespan of flash media by reducing the write aid for solid-state disks.
This compression improves reading, writing, and performance for larger files, with the potential for significant time efficiency in workflows.
With a foundation for future improvements, we aim to continue to add to these capabilities in future releases.

Desktop audio will change from using PulseAudio on PipeWire for better mixing and better management of audio streams. PipeWire is better designed to meet the needs of containers and applications through Flatpaks. ”

Read more in the official announcement


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