Fedora 35 Beta just released (GNOME 41, Linux Kernel 5.14)

The Fedora team has announced a new development snapshot of the popular Linux distribution. The new version of Fedora 35 Beta is already available with GNOME 41, a new updated software manager and utilities to improve the battery life of your laptop. Runs with Linux Kernel 5.14.


"Fedora 35 Workstation Beta has GNOME 41, the latest version of the GNOME desktop environment. GNOME 41 includes a new software administrator that makes it easy to find and install the tools you need. The new version brings many new libraries: Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, PHP 8.0, and more.

Now, when you activate third-party repositories during installation, you will also have access to the flatpaks from Flathub to replenish the Fedora repository. The Fedora 35 Workstation also includes the power-profiles-daemon, which lets you choose between optimizing for system performance or battery life.

Also new in this version is Fedora Kinoite, a KDE Plasma environment based on rpm-ostree technology. Like Fedora Silverblue, Kinoite provides custom updates and an unchanged operating system for increased reliability.

Fedora Linux 35 uses a PipeWire switch for audio management by introducing WirePlumber as the default session manager. WirePlumber allows you to customize rules for routing flows to and from devices. ”

Above information can be found at announcement of the new version.


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