Fedora 35 new version released

The Fedora team has announced the release of the Fedora 35. The new version of Fedora is available with GNOME 41, the PipeWire audio system and the WirePlumber session manager.


"We changed the default sound system in PipeWire to Fedora Linux 34 and now we have improved it by adding the new WirePlumber session manager.

WirePlumber allows you to better customize your audio and video policies and regulations. Provides a richer development experience and adds links to more languages. If you want to enable third-party repositories that come with Fedora Linux desktop variants, these repositories are now readily available.
In addition, activating third-party repositories now makes selected Flathub applications available through a Flathub controller. This makes it easy to access an elaborate list of applications and works quite well. ”

Η announcement of the new release provides more details.


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