Fedora 36 has just been released

Fedora is one of the most popular GNU / Linux distributions. It is the result of the Fedora Project, a large community of volunteers funded by Red Hat. It uses the Linux kernel and a set of basic tools of the GNU project.


So today the Fedora project team announced the release of Fedora 36. The new version offers desktop users the opportunity to run GNOME 42 with almost all applications having been transferred to GTK 4.

The operating Fedora 36 also comes with a new version of Ansible (management software) while Cockpit can now manage network shares.

"Fedora Linux 36 includes the latest version of Ansible. Ansible 5 divides the "engine" into ansible-core packages and collections packages. This facilitates maintenance and allows you to download only the packages you need. See the Ansible 5 Porting Guide to learn how to update your playbooks. Starting with Fedora Server 36, Cockpit provides a module for providing and continuously managing NFS and Samba shares. This allows administrators to manage shared network files through the Cockpit web interface used to configure other server features. ”

Read more details at announcement of the new release.

Release Notes


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