Fedora brake in the development of distribution

Fedora's development team is thinking of making a small break in the six-month releases of the distribution to make some changes to the project's development infrastructure.

Paul Frields suggested that after the release of Fedora 30, the team will postpone the development of Fedora 31 to make these changes. Fedora

We should skip the F31 cycle and leave the F30 for longer to focus on improving our tools and testing the distribution. These tool changes will improve Fedora's overall reliability, reduce manual coding, and the complexities associated with distributing production. Although we did this to create "versions", our intention is to monitor more actively this effort of many teams, so that we can use more time and give the project maximum transparency.

You can find more details about this suggestion in the publication of Frields.

Frields also published this week at Fedora Magazine to remind Fedora users that 27's distribution support has come to an end.

"With the recent release of Fedora 29, Fedora 27 officially enters End of Life (EOL) mode on November 30, 2018. This will affect any systems that continue to use Fedora 27."

More information and instructions for upgrading can be found at official announcement.



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