February 2023 very big reduction in electricity subsidy

Today's announcement by the Minister of Environment and Energy on measures to support society from the effects of the international energy crisis in February was an unpleasant surprise. And this is because from this announcement, there is a very large reduction in the subsidy to households and professionals of the value of electricity consumption.


Specifically, for the month of February 2023, for all main and non-main residence services, without income criteria and regardless of provider, the subsidy is limited to 0,04 euros per kilowatt hour, for monthly consumptions up to 500 KWh, when for January 2023 the same subsidy amounted to 0,33 euros per kilowatt hour, i.e. the reduction of the subsidy amounts to 88%. Those who have a monthly consumption of more than 500 KWh, will receive a subsidy of 0,04 euros per kilowatt hour, provided that they reduce by 15% the average daily energy consumption compared to the corresponding last year.

The graduated subsidy from the consumption of more than 500 KWh that was in force in January 2023 is abolished, as well as the bonus of 0,05 euros per kilowatt hour for households that consume more than 500 KWh if they reduce their consumption by 15% compared to corresponding month last year.

A reduction was also announced for households included in the Social Household Tariff (COT), since the subsidy will amount to €0,088/KWh, while in January it amounted to €0,38/KWh.

Regarding electricity and the subsidy in Professional Tariffs, the additional subsidies for commercial consumers with a power supply of up to 35KVa are abolished and the subsidy is now general at 0,02 euros/KWh

For farmers, the subsidy is reduced to €0,04/kWh, when in January it was €0,33/kWh.

Finally, the Natural Gas subsidy is abolished (20 euros per thermal MWh).


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