Fiber lines can be made earthquake detectors

You may not need an extensive network of detectors and sensors to detect earthquakes in the future, as optical lines of communication and internet access could do the same thing.


Researchers have developed a technology that detects seismic activity through vibrations that the fiber optic lines undergo. Special optical detectors (Laser interrogators) detect the disturbances in the fiber and send relative to the magnitude and direction of the vibrations. The system will not only be able to detect different types of seismic tremors (and therefore determine the severity of the threat), but also detect very small or localized earthquakes that could go unnoticed.

Fiber optic detection technology is not entirely new. It used to be used as an "acoustic" sensor, placing the optical fibers in cement, on a surface or in any other way that could be ensured that they came in contact with the ground, so that they could detect signal fluctuations.

This is not necessary with the new method, as the scientists can use the existing fiber lines that exist within the plastic tubes. So if required to develop into one a series of seismic sensors this technology will allow the use of existing optical fibers, which means it will be much easier and cheaper to implement.

But there are also many challenges to make it a reality.

The new technology is limited by the size of the existing fiber optic network, and this is a problem for rural areas with very little to no fiber.

Η έγινε με μία σχετικά μέτρια, 3 μιλίων κυor course, around Stanford University. Maybe the pre of a sensor network in an entire city with the existing infrastructure, much less in the province or the entire country acting as a single sensor, can be daunting.

However, with the new technology, it could become much more accessible and easy to detect earthquakes than to start installing new classic ones. detectors and would even provide additional information as well as more detection accuracy, which is not possible with the old technology. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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