The Google Android file manager also supports USB drives

Google File Manager for Android devices, namely Files by Google, now supports the ability to manage USB drives that you may have connected to your phone.


The Files by Google (formerly Files Go) is a useful, official file management application on your Android phone that once had an obvious limitation: you could not transfer files to a connected physical storage space over the phone itself.

But with the new version of the program, Google introduces support for external storage via USB On-the-Go. If you want to remove photos, transfer data, etc. to an external device, you will not need to use third-party software.

The update also lets you view entire folder structures for storage on and off the device. You will have no problems crawling a file in an unusual location or moving it to a specific folder. Simply put, Google's file manager for Android, with 50 million downloads, has become even more versatile and if you have not installed it on your mobile it is worth a look. Does not contain ads.

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