Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition cracked before official release

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition has not been released yet, but many are already playing it using a crack from a Chinese team called 3DM.

Final Fantasy 15 Edition for Windows is developed by Square Enix and uses Denuvo protection to avoid cracks. Denuvo protects all Square Enix games.Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition

What's interesting is the fact that Square Enix decided to release a demo, before the official launch of PC, and things started to get complicated. Since Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition is a huge game, the company has also allowed users to download the files so they don't wait for the official release date.

If you are familiar with the cracked gaming scene, you may have heard of 3DM from China. The team was one of the first to break through protection of Denuvo a few years ago, but since then they have remained in the background.

But today they returned to a supposed crack for Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, before its official release.

The demo EXE file was not protected by Denuvo and in addition the files provided by the company for preload were not encrypted. So Reddit users report that the crack can work even in the full game, except for the scenes that were available in the Demo.

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition is released today via Steam and Origin.

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