The final version of KeePass 2.35 was released

The popular KeePass app just released the final version of 2.35. For those who do not know the application is a password manager that stores the data encrypted locally. It's the password manager I use and I highly recommend because I do not like the idea of ​​my code in the cloud. KeePass

Of course, the app has plugins if you want to expand its features, such as synchronizing your data between different devices.

If you're already using the app, just check for new updates and you can upgrade it. Those who do not use it can download it from the link at the end of the post.

The software is usually available as an .exe installation as well as a portable version.

The new KeePass 2.35 brings a new file format, KDBX 4, which offers improvements over previous releases and new features.
The KDBX 4 file format supports ARgon2 keys. This feature won a password hashing contest recently.

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Its main advantage over previous operation is that it offers better resistance against GPU / ASIC attacks.

Thus, with the new version, KeePass users can choose between AES-KDF (default used in versions of KeePass 2.34 and earlier) together with Argon2 to encrypt the database.

To change the key derivation function, run KeePass 2.35.
Choose File - Database Settings. On the Security tab, find the "key derivation function."

Download the application

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