FinalCutKing: The iWatch holographic approach (Video)


This month we dealt a lot with the now legendary iWatch. The whole story started with the Times, where they published a report claiming that Apple was experimenting with an iPhone-style watch. Then the Wall Street Journal soon followed suit.

Later, Bloomberg said Cupertino's company has already set up a working group that deals with the device. Then the discovery of a patent that hinted that it also refers to the device. and now we have this amazing presentation concept that is mentioned in iWatch. Yes I know you will tell me that it has come out of a science fiction scenario, do not exceed please, Apple for everything is capable.

The video is edited by FinalCutKing where he shows us his own view of what the iWatch will look like. In the video, beautiful Courtney wakes up with the holographic iWatch alarm clock on her nightstand. She starts doing everything she would do with her device, checking calendars, transferring files, editing photos.

He then consults a map answering the phone and much more. We said above that it is actually drawn, but you impressively impressive do not you agree?

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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