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Lost your Android Phone? Google has expanded the Android Device Manager feature by offering Find My Device with which you can find, lock and delete the phones found in a gmail account.

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You remember it Android Device Manager; This Google feature was something like the equivalent of Apple's "Find my iPhone" and allowed the owner of an Android device to remotely communicate with the phone, and even lock it and delete its data if it has been stolen. .

Η web address Android Device Manager is still running. Google just expanded this feature by offering it to an application for mobile phones and with a more appropriate name "Find My Device»

Android, find, device, Google

The first thing you need to know is that this app does not come pre-installed on your phone. Should go to the Play Store find and download the app. Once you've installed it, sign in with your Google Account to get started. This is not mandatory as you can log in as a visitor, see details below.

You are now able to manage all the Android devices associated with your Google Account by switching between them using the icons at the top of the screen. Remember that to track the location of your device you must have the location enabled (Settings -> Location -> On).

The application will show you the level of battery charge and the WiFi network that is connected (if any). If it's connected to a network that you do not recognize, then the app will help you make a decision about what further action you want to do. The "Lock" option locks your device with a code of your choice and allows you to leave a message for whoever holds it, as well as a mobile number where they can contact you. "Delete" deletes your phone data completely and then requires Google credentials to connect to it again.

The "Audio Playback" option does exactly what it says, tapping the phone for five minutes, so you can hear where it is (if you are looking inside the house) or to alert the thief that you have perceived the theft of your phone.

Let your device be stolen you can simply connect to the application from someone else's device and use the application instead. Select the "Login as a guest" option, then log in with your details. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Android, find, device, Google

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