Find My iPhone That Works Without Battery

How would you find a Find My iPhone that can not be deactivated? Today, iPhone theft is a waste of time if owners use passwords or fingerprint protection (the FBI knows it very well), but according to a publication Apple could soon help you catch the thief.

The company is alleged to have patented a new technology that keeps Find My iPhone active even when the device is turned off so you can find some stolen iPhone quite easily.Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a feature that lets owners locate their phones from their iCloud accounts, but application functionality is lost when the device is turned off and the SIM card is removed.

But on the patent US20160323703 Apple has proposed a more advanced version of Find My iPhone that can work independently of the phone's status so you can locate an iPhone that the thief does.

As CultOfMac says, the patent describes that iPhone could have a special timer that starts automatically and activates Find My iPhone for a time just to send location data to the owner. According to the patent, iPhone does not need to be turned on or have a charged battery.

Find My iPhone could send location information by using this new system via e-mail or SMS, if the SIM card still exists. It could connect to all known Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet.

Apple could improve the feature by allowing the device to connect to public wireless networks that do not require a password, but this is probably an idea the company is still looking at because of security risks.

At present, this technology is still in the patent stage, but we should not be surprised to see if it is available in the 2017 model.

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