Find system restore points in Windows 10

System Restore is a feature of Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows that allows you to restore your system to a previous state.

Windows 10

The System Restore story begins with Windows Me. But from Windows 8 onwards, Microsoft removed the shortcut that started System Restore from the "Windows Utilities -> System Tools" folder. In this article, we will look at how to find all available system restore points in Windows 10.

The System Restore introduced in 2000 with Windows Millennium Edition, was created to help you fix your operating system with just a few clicks when your system files or settings are damaged. Creates automatic restore points, which are snapshots of system files, program files, drivers, and registry settings.

If you use System Restore to reset your computer at some point before a problem occurs, it will reset your computer to a previous version of files and settings according to the restore point you specified. System Restore does not affect your personal documents or media. Additionally, you can undo the last restore operation only if it does not resolve your issue.

To find available system restore points in Windows 10, do the following:
Method A:
A.1 Press Win + R on the keyboard at the same time, and in the execution window that appears, enter the following: rstrui

A.2 The System Restore window will open. There, click on 'Next'. If you have already performed a system restore, select 'Choose a different restore point' and click the 'Next' button.

A.3 All available restore points will be displayed in a table with "date and time", "description" and "type" columns.

Alternatively instead of rstrui you can type in the execution window shell command:


Method B:
You can locate available system restore points via the command prompt
B.1 Open a window in Windows 10 command line with administrator privileges (if you do not know how to press Win + X at the same time and select the "Command Prompt (Administrator)).
B.2 Type or copy-paste the following command:

vssadmin list shadows

You will see the list of restore points available on your device.

Method C:
Find available system restore points with PowerShell
C.1 Open PowerShell as administrator in Windows 10.

C.2 Type or copy-paste the following command:
C.3 In the results you will find the list of restore points that are available on your computer.



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