Find which graphics card you have on your Windows pc

See how you can identify which graphics card your computer has. By identifying the graphics card you will be able to understand whether or not you can play the brand new game suggested by your friend.


If you want to play the latest game on your computer, you need to make sure that your graphics card is capable of handling that game. If it is not, you will probably be disappointed, but you will avoid spending money to buy it and then it will not do you any good.

This article will help you find the manufacturer and model of the graphics card on your Windows 10 PC. Once you get these you will be able to compare your card with the minimum requirements for the game you want to play.

For those of you who are not gamers, you may need to know this information so that you can run complex tasks such as 3D rendering and video editing seamlessly or use high-tech applications such as AutoCAD and Adobe Premiere Pro. Using a superior quality graphics card will make your workflow faster and more efficient.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a chip and the heart of graphics processing, and is responsible for all displayed on your screen, from a Google document to a 4K game. It is the chip that performs the complex mathematical calculations that graphics require.

You can see the GPU chips integrated in the motherboard or on a more powerful graphics card that is connected to some kind of slot on the motherboard. This graphics card works as an extension of the motherboard and contains in addition to the second GPU and other systems, such as port connector, cooling units, voltage regulator, etc.

Graphics cards can perform more powerful tasks than the onboard GPU chip. This makes them better for XNUMXD gaming, accelerated video rendering, or other functions such as . All that extra power requires more power and more space on your computer. It also increases the temperature of your computer.


How to determine which graphics card you have
If you have a graphics card and you are not satisfied with the built-in GPU of your motherboard, then identifying the graphics card you have in your Windows 10 computer is easy. The problem will be finding out not only which GPU you have but also what make and model of graphics card.

There are two leading GPU chip manufacturers for expansion cards: Nvidia and AMD. Graphics card companies use one of these chips, either from Nvidia or AMD.

For each you want to run see if the minimum requirements refer to the chipset your graphics card has on it or the exact make and model of your card. Finding the chipset is easy with Windows, but the exact card model can be more difficult.

1. Type in the start the word “ devices” or if you have English Windows 10 the word “Device manager” and click the icon to open it.

2. Find the "screen adapters" and click the arrow next to it to expand the list.

3. You will see the GPU name.

As you can see, my computer has the poor NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT.

If you are not sure which company created your chip, right-click on the device name and click Properties. In the window that will open, you will see the manufacturer mentioned.

Of course there are a lot of third-party applications that can give you this information. An example is HWinfo application described here.

In these applications you can usually get more information, for example here we see that the make and model of my graphics card is the Gainward GeForce 9400 GT.

For information, the HWinfo program comes for free and in a portable version. that is, it does not require installation. You can just run it and have all the details.

Once you find the information you need about your graphics card, you can do a Google search (or any other search engine you prefer) to find out more about it and see if it is strong enough to use it just in case. your. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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